December, 2018

Dear Friends of the Ritz Theatre,

YOU, as a group, are our most generous donor! You are the reason we can continue to keep our doors open and bring quality entertainment that, ideally, brightens your lives and exposes you to new ideas. We are so honored to have you come through our doors and support us so generously. Whether you came to see a friend on stage, be transported to another time and place, tap your toes to a musical, or simply enjoy a night out; we appreciate you spending your time at the Ritz.

  • Live theater is filled with possibilities, a-hah moments, and oopsies! It reflects the kind of community we are, the shared stories that make us laugh and cry. The positive opportunities we offer to energetic or very shy children help them gain self-discipline and confidence. The connection it offers to teens, using art to wrestle with change and providing opportunities to experiment and be recognized. The camaraderie adults experience means a chance to stay young and play, or provide mentoring.
  • It reflects the personal journeys of the actors and crew, each with their own stories of theater and its meaning to them. An audition on a lark for a chance to hang with friends becomes a leading role. Many years of acting becomes a chance to direct. An eye for helping people shine means new technical skills at the light-board. A return to stage after years of career or raising family means rediscovering possibilities.
  • It reflects the priorities of a community. Priorities that value story, art, positive opportunities, quality entertainment, culture and interest, joy, and challenges overcome. It acknowledges the contribution the Ritz Theatre makes to a dynamic downtown economy and a regional arts scene.

With YOUR help, the Ritz Theatre has enjoyed more than 33 years of opening nights. It is with your support this 34th year that the Ritz Theatre will continue to be an asset to the South Jersey community.

We ask you to consider making a tax-deductible donation to the Ritz Theatre Company. No donation is too small and every dollar will help us continue to provide opportunities for children and adults to perform and allow YOU to enjoy seeing quality entertainment.

Donate online using your credit card, or mail your check, made out to the Ritz Theatre Company, 915 White Horse Pike, Haddon Township, NJ  08107. If you would like to get involved or have any questions, please contact us at or 856-858-5230.

Thank you for supporting the Ritz Theatre’s next opening night!

Bruce A. Curless

Founder & Producing Artistic Director



2018 Physical Needs of The Ritz

  • Upgraded lighting in auditorium
  • New PC’s for offices with video and sound capability
  • Various tools and materials to help us build sets, store supplies and make repairs around the theatre; such as:
  • Table saw (we have one, but have to hit the blade with a stick to make it spin!)
  • Screw guns & impact drivers
  • Pneumatic nail guns & staplers
  • Storage bins
  • Paint
  • Hardware
  • Electrical supplies
  • Lumber


There are several ways to give a tax-deductible donation now, including:

  1. Donate online- Click here to make a direct donation to The Ritz
  2. Mail a check to:  The Ritz Theatre Company ● 915 White Horse Pike ● Haddon Township, NJ ● 08107