2012 Ritzy Childrens Series


Jan 19 @ 10am
Jan 20 @ 10am
Jan 21 @ 10am & 1pm

Meet a humble woodcarver named Geppetto and the loveable puppet Pinocchio who comes to life. But life isnít always easy for the hard-headed and long-nosed puppet. With a little help from a wise cricket, Pinocchio must prove himself worthy to become a real boy

Beauty and the Beast

Feb 9 @ 10am
Feb 10 @ 10am
Feb 11 @ 10am & 1pm

Experience the enchanting tale of love and sacrifice. Can a Beast and a beautiful girl overcome the impossible with a little help from some magical friends? Join Ritzy and friends on a journey of looking beyond the outside of a person to the heart.

The Adventures of Peter Rabbit

Mar 22 @ 10am
Mar 23 @ 10am
Mar 24 @ 10am & 1pm

Fluffy rabbits, juicy vegetables and dangerous adventures take center stage in this classic story. Peter Rabbit learns important lessons of respecting someone elseís property and staying safe. Welcome the Spring in style with this memorable classic.

Hansel and Gretel

Apr 26 @ 10am
Apr 27 @ 10am
Apr 28 @ 10am & 1pm

The famous fable about two curious children and a tantalizing candy house comes to life at The Ritz. Experience the pure chocolate joy of Hansel and Gretelís adventure in the woods. Could anything possibly go wrong?

Sleeping Beauty

May 10 @ 10am
May 11 @ 10am
May 12 @ 10am & 1pm

Join Ritzy and friends for the story of a beautiful princess, loving fairies and one completely dangerous spinning wheel. Will a pricked finger and never-ending sleep destroy the kingdom forever? Experience the power as good triumphs over evil.

The Three Little Pigs

May 31 @ 10am
June 1 @ 10:30am
June 2 @ 10am & 1pm

Oink, Oink, Oink! Meet some house-building Pigs and a Big Bad Wolf in this family favorite. Which house will be sturdy enough to hold up when there is trouble? Start the summer off with a fun reminder that hard work pays off!

The Frog Prince

July 17 @ 10am
July 18 @ 10am
July 19 @ 10:30am
July 20 @ 10am
July 21 @ 10am & 1pm

The classic story of a prince that was turned into a frog comes to life with the help of your imagination. Learn the importance of keeping promises in this heart-warming tale. And bring your fly swatters!

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Oct 25 @ 10am
Oct 26 @ 10am
Oct 27 @ 10am & 1pm

What do breakfast, beds and bears all have in common? Join us at The Ritz for the familiar yarn of a curious little girl and three not-so-very happy Bears. Help Goldilocks learn the importance of respecting others.

Treasure Island

Nov 15 @ 10am
Nov 16 @ 10am
Nov 17 @ 10am & 1pm

Ahoy Matey! Experience the magic of pirates and buried treasure this November. Join Jim Hawkins and the legendary Long John Silver as they race across land and sea. Who will get to the treasure first?

Mrs. Tinkerton's Christmas Toy Store

Dec 15 @ 10am
Dec 17 @ 10am, Dec 18 @ 10am
Dec 19 @ 10am, Dec 20 @ 10am
Dec 21 @ 10am, Dec 22 @ 10am & 1pm

Experience the magic of the season with this heart-warming holiday tale. Remember, it's not your looks but what is in your heart that is important!
Additional performances may be scheduled upon request.
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Funding has been made possible, in part, through a grant by the New Jersey State Council on the Arts/Department of State, a partner agency of the National Endowment for the Arts.
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