Mar 25, 2020

A Message from Bruce A. Curless, Producing Artistic Director

Dear Friends,

As you can surely imagine, like yourselves, our spring and early summer plans have been completely supplanted due to our ongoing fight with COVID-19. To that end, first and foremost, all of us at The Ritz, the Staff and Board, are fully committed to our solidarity in social distancing and wish for all of you to be safe and healthy with your loved ones. We know that these times are uncertain and perhaps those of us that have chosen this profession know how uncertain times can be. As we began our careers, it was the bargain we made. We are not afraid of hard work. The Ritz has been through many challenging times, but with our passion, our art, and your support, we have been assured that what we do matters.

However, with this latest crisis, I worry that won’t be enough. No one can kill the creative spirit that is in the hearts and minds of the artists and employees that work within these inspiring walls and, yet, we worry about the devastating blow the coronavirus and this economic recession will have on this organization that has served this community and artists for the last 35 years.

We are fully committed to produce the balance of our 2020 season for you. We are working diligently to reschedule the events we have postponed and, as we find solutions, we will be sure to keep you all abreast. With that being said, we have lost significant revenue with early closings and cancelled programming. Our goal is to return as swiftly as our communal health will allow and to come back stronger than before, but we need your help.

As we navigate these uncertain times, we know you will be asked to donate to many in-need organizations. We hope that you will consider donating to The Ritz Theatre Company. No donation is too small and anything you can give to help us bridge the closure would be greatly appreciated. Our theatre and what you have come to expect from us for the last 35 years is threatened more than ever before.

Please donate what you can to keep this South Jersey Historical Landmark open and full of youth and adult artistic programming, inspiring lives and greatly improving the quality of life for all who enter. Together we can keep the lights shining bright during this dark time.

With deepest thanks,

Bruce Curless

Producing Artistic Director

The Ritz Theatre Company

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