Jan 11, 2018

Auditions for Urinetown the Musical

Urinetown Audition Notice

The Ritz Theatre is happy to announce Auditions for Urinetown the Musical which is the next show in our Theatre for Young Adults series.  Auditions will be for performers in High School and College only.

Directed By: Craig Hutchings
Vocally Directed by: Laura Carione

Audition Date: Monday February 12th from 4pm-7pm
Callbacks will be as needed only! Tuesday February 13th from 4pm-6pm

Show Dates: April 19th, 20th and 21st

Rehearsals: will take place at The Ritz on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons from 4pm-6pm and  Saturday mornings from 10am-1pm.  A full schedule will be available at the audition.  Not every cast member will be needed for every rehearsal.

Audition Specifics: Prepare 32 bars of a modern musical theatre song.  Songs from the show are accepted.  Sheet music is prefered but if you need to use a track please bring a device with the track loaded onto it.  Be prepared for a short movement audition as well.  To set up an audition time e-mail the Director with your headshot and resume at Craig@ritztheatreco.org.


Character Specifics

Hope Cladwell (soprano with belt): A newcomer in town, and the daughter of the owner of the “Urine Good Company”. Ingénue type, lover of Bobby, spends most of the second act tied to a chair.

Caldwell B. Cladwell (low A to high G): The villain – when he’s in a scene, he is always trying to be noticed. Conniving and sneaky.

Bobby Strong (tenor / high baritone): A revolutionist – the young male lead. Falls in love with Hope.

Penelope Pennywise (mezzo / soprano to high C, belt to high G): Starts out as a crotchety caretaker but softens as the show progresses, especially when we discover she is Hope’s mother.

Officer Lockstock (baritone / bass ) He’s a policeman, but mainly the narrator of the show. Needs a great sense of humor.

Little Sally (mezzo / alto): A precocious little girl who is always played by an adult. Narrates the show; in fact, she tries to give more away than Lockstock. One of the poor/rebels. Also needs a great sense of humor; a character role.

Barrel (tenor / baritone): He doesn’t do as much singing by himself, so he could technically be either male voice. He is Lockstock’s trusty sidekick, always following in his shadow. Has a bit of a love interest in Lockstock. If need be, Barrel could be played by a woman.

Little Becky Two-Shoes (alto): A little girl played by an adult, she’s a little crazy and likes to hurt people. One of the poor / rebels. She needs to be able to let go of all inhibitions. Few lines, but has one feature song, “Snuff That Girl”.

Hot Blades Harry (baritone): Also a crazy person who likes to hurt others. One of the poor / rebels, Becky’s counterpart. Few lines, but has one feature song, “Snuff That Girl”.

Josephine Strong (mezzo / alto): Has only a few solo lines, so she could really be any voice type. Bobby’s mother, a rather weak person, but with some rebellious feelings. Needs to be able to faint convincingly onstage.

Senator Fipp (tenor / baritone): Sings some solo lines.

The Rebels (chorus singing and lots of jeering)

Cladwell’s Staff (chorus singing)

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