Curse You, Jack Dalton!

Directed by Bruce Curless
Video Audition Deadline: Sunday, April 4th, 10:00pm

The Ritz Theatre Company is currently accepting video submissions for our spring, virtual production of CURSE YOU, JACK DALTON!

Performers of all ethnicities and identities are strongly encouraged to submit. The rehearsal period will consist of two-three rehearsals a week with the show running May 14-16. All actors will be paid a small stipend.

Those wishing to audition should submit a video of a short melodramatic or comedic monologue in the style of the show. All those wishing to be considered for an audition should forward a headshot, resume, and video submission to Matthew Weil, at and include ‘Curse You, Jack Dalton!’ in the subject line.

SYNOPSIS: When Jack’s aristocratic mother discovers her illustrious son loves the maid, she orders Bertha from the house and threatens to disown Jack for life if he takes his place at Bertha’s side. Just when you are certain that the unscrupulous villain is going to triumph, Fate steps in.

MRS. DONNA DALTON : An imposing appearing society matron in her late fifties. She is regal in bearing, aristocratic in manner, inclined to be artificial and shallow.

ANNA ALVARADO: A tall, statuesque appearing girl in her late twenties. There is about her a certain hardness that she manages to conceal when it suits her purpose to do so.

BERTHA BLAIR : An unusually beautiful girl of twenty-one. Although she is dressed in the regulation black maid’s outfit with a white apron over it and a small white cap on her head, it does not conceal her beauty and comeliness. Her carriage is graceful, her voice and manners refined and she is possessed of a charming personality.

JACK DALTON : A smooth-faced chap in his late twenties. He is of powerful build and very handsome. His voice is inclined to be thin and wavery and is at variance with his powerful frame.

EGBERT VAN HORN : A tall, stocky man in his early thirties. Long sideburns and a heavy black moustache decorate his face. He is very suave and polished as to manner and speaks in a deep and heavy voice.

RICHARD BLAIR: He is a tall, thin chap in his middle twenties. In spite of his meek manner when he is with ANNA, he is a courageous chap, frank and sincere.

ELOISE DALTON : A tall, angular girl of twenty. Horn-rimmed glasses cover her eyes and her hair is drawn straight back from her forehead and knotted in the back. Her voice is high and shrill, her appearance comic.