Disney’s The Lion King has captivated the imaginations of audiences around the world, and now, in a continuing partnership, this celebrated musical comes your way via the creative and collaborative minds behind The Ritz Theatre Company and McMagical Productions.

Showcasing 60 of the most talented young performers in the South Jersey area, the African savanna comes to life on the Ritz stage with Simba, Rafiki, and an unforgettable cast of characters as they journey from Pride Rock to the jungle and back again in this inspiring, coming-of-age tale.

Performed by kids, for kids!

Directed and Choreographed by Lindsey Krier

Music Direction by Nicholas French

Assistant Directed by Samuel Tait

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The Cast

  • Naomi Serrano as Rafiki
  • Noah Bantle as Mufasa
  • Maezie Ruggles as Zazu
  • Zach Palais as Scar
  • Nicky Intrieri as Young Simba
  • Adam Bretz as Simba
  • Brazil Taylor as Young Nala
  • Tyrah Skye Odoms as Nala
  • Jeffrey Smith as Timone
  • Kayla Lotierzo as Pumba
  • Kate Bove as Shenzi
  • Sofia Diconstanzo as Bonzaii
  • Akiva Schostak as Ed
  • Brenna Dougherty as Sarabi
  • Madeleine Malesich as Sarafina
  • Lillian Low as Hyena
  • Gracie Sokoloff as Hyena
  • Henry Lomba as Hyena
  • Max Ruggles as Hyena
  • Joey Lieberson as Hyena
  • Jameson Demuro as Hyena
  • Rebecca Seligman as Hyena
  • Bee Fraga as Lioness
  • Elena Domenico as Lioness
  • Bernadette Clayton as Lioness
  • Emily Alberta as Lioness
  • Olivia Bee Sposa as Lioness
  • Grace O’Meara as Lioness
  • Ella Ingves as Lioness
  • Carolynn Jewell as Lioness
  • Emma Margolis as Yellow Ensemble
  • Sabrina Gipple as Yellow Ensemble
  • Charlotte Jones as Yellow Ensemble
  • Sophia Bianco as Yellow Ensemble
  • Leyla Bloemker as Yellow Ensemble
  • Jeanne Rabeau as Yellow Ensemble
  • Nora Ragonese as Yellow Ensemble
  • Ace Jacobsen as Yellow Ensemble
  • Victoria White as Yellow Ensemble
  • Emma Keefe as Yellow Ensemble
  • Audrey Mitros as Yellow Ensemble
  • Sofia Leone as Yellow Ensemble
  • Keiani Raulin as Yellow Ensemble
  • Marissa Devalerio as Yellow Ensemble
  • Julia Maia as Yellow Ensemble
  • Justine Swaney as Orange Ensemble
  • Molly Duffy as Orange Ensemble
  • Mckayla Duffy as Orange Ensemble
  • Chynna Fiddler as Orange Ensemble
  • Caroline Grexa as Orange Ensemble
  • Alana Sturgis as Orange Ensemble
  • Madison Laxton as Orange Ensemble
  • Chase Burnett as Orange Ensemble
  • Jakob Spotts as Orange Ensemble
  • Alia Bachen as Orange Ensemble
  • Morgan Meloy as Orange Ensemble
  • Alina Melikova as Orange Ensemble
  • Olivia Bathurst as Orange Ensemble
  • Ava Guzzo as Orange Ensemble
  • Novalee Seward as Orange Ensemble