A gifted, yet down-on-his-luck shoemaker has no choice but to shut down shop for good, but then finds himself visited by quite the pair of magical elves who make it their mission to save the day. Will the dynamic duo be able to rescue the shoemaker from hardship? Find out in our “Ritz Kidz” retelling of this fairytale classic, back by popular demand!

Featuring the return of Producing Artistic Director Bruce Curless to the “Ritz Kidz” troupe!

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The Cast

  • Bruce Curless as Simon the Shoemaker
  • Kaitlin Healy as Susan the Shoemaker's Daughter
  • Robert Repici as Castor the Elf
  • Matthew Weil as Pollux the Elf
  • Daio Floyd as The Elven Queen, et al.