Following the first snowfall of the season, the Ritz Kidz find an unwanted (yet curiously enchanted) top hat and use it to complete the spectacular snowman they’ve just made. When the snowman magically comes to life, the Ritz Kidz dub him “Frosty” and the fun begins, as the entire company sings, dances, and plays games all around the square, with holiday spirit to spare!

But then the hat’s previous owner, a proud and pompous actor, arrives on the scene and the temperature starts to rise…

This lively, biannual Ritz Kidz adventure will be filled with holiday cheer, featuring surprise appearances by some of our favorite personalities from the North Pole!

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The Cast

  • Robert Repici as Frosty the Snowman
  • Matthew Weil as Rudolpho Remington
  • Daio Floyd as Twinkle the Elf
  • Kaitlin Healy as Sprinkle the Elf
  • Lindsey Krier as Eggnog the Elf
  • Bruce Curless as Mrs. Claus