The award-winning musical adaptation of the classic Dickens novel springs to life with some of the most memorable characters and songs ever to hit the stage in this special benefit performance for the Lung Cancer Research Foundation.

Presented by our friends with McMagical Productions!

February 21 @ 8:00pm

February 22 @ 8:00pm

February 23 @ 2:00pm

February 23 @ 8:00pm

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The Cast

  • JACK BARKHAMER as Oliver Twist (Thu., Fri., Sat. Eve.)
  • CASPIAN AICHER-ROBERTS as Oliver Twist (Sat. Matinee)
  • ALAN KRIER as Fagin
  • NAOMI SERRANO as The Artful Dodger
  • LINDSEY KRIER as Nancy
  • KEVIN ESMOND as Bill Sikes
  • ABBY SWANEY as Bet
  • BUDDY DEAL as Mr. Bumble
  • LINDSAY DEAL as Mrs. Corney
  • STEVE PHILLIPS as Mr. Brownlow
  • TIM SAGGES as Mr. Sowerberry
  • GABRIELLE AFFLECK as Mrs. Sowerberry
  • BAILEY SHAW as Charlotte
  • MATT BECKER as Noah Claypole
  • MICHAEL J. DEFLORIO as Mr. Grimwig
  • STEVIE NEALE as Mrs. Bedwin
  • SUSAN DEWEY as Old Sally
  • JOHN SAYLES as Charley Bates
  • BAILEY SHAW as Rose Seller
  • LISA KRIER as Milk Maid
  • MARISA LAZAR as Strawberry Seller
  • MATT BECKER as Knife Grinder
  • LIZ BALDWIN as Ensemble
  • CHRISTA CAMPISI as Ensemble
  • ZACHARY CAPONE as Ensemble
  • NICHOLAS FRENCH as Ensemble
  • PAUL HUNTINGTON as Ensemble
  • LISA KRIER as Ensemble
  • MARISA LAZAR as Ensemble
  • ROBERT REPICI as Ensemble
  • STEVEN RIFE as Ensemble
  • CRIS VALKYRIA as Ensemble
  • NOAH BANTLE as Children Ensemble
  • ABIGAIL BRADSHAW as Children Ensemble
  • TRISTAN COGDELL as Children Ensemble
  • EMILY FERRY as Children Ensemble
  • SABRINA GIPPLEL as Children Ensemble
  • LIZZY HOLLAND as Children Ensemble
  • NICKY INTRIERI as Children Ensemble
  • MEGHAN LEX as Children Ensemble
  • JOEY LIEBERSON as Children Ensemble
  • ZACHARY PALAIS as Children Ensemble
  • NORA RAGONESE as Children Ensemble
  • MAEZIE RUGGLES as Children Ensemble
  • JOHN SAYLES as Children Ensemble
  • REBECCA SELIGMAN as Children Ensemble