One seemingly uneventful day in the early 00s, a young boy named Sean Clancy, dressed very dapper for a child, walked into the Ritz Theater, and asked to help out by volunteering to usher that afternoon’s show. The midday sunlight filtered in through the glass doors, illuminating his honey brown eyes and inviting smile. And just like that, an ordinary day became a day that changed the trajectory of Sean’s life, and furthered the Ritz’s ability to nurture and foster artists. Through his many roles at the Ritz, Sean was able to develop and hone his musical and theatrical talents, continuing on to study music education in college, and become a beloved music teacher, as well as an accomplished professional singer. While Sean, known for many years as The Kid or TK to his Ritz family, was involved in many different ways at the Ritz, both on the stage, backstage, and as a devoted audience member, perhaps his most special contribution to the Ritz legacy was that of a theatre camper (and consummate catch-all helper of the grateful camp administrators and instructors).

So it was with heavy but healing hearts that a plan was formed to honor Sean’s memory by starting a scholarship in his name to cover the cost of an underprivileged student to attend the Ritz camp each year. Donations will now be accepted digitally, the full amount of which will go directly to Sean’s scholarship fund. Additionally, the Ritz will be hosting the Sean Clancy Birthday Extravaganza Memorial Scholarship Fund Concert on August 8th at 7:30pm, to raise funds and raise up Sean’s memory on what would have been his 30th birthday. The concert will include musical and theatrical performances by friends of Sean who are honored to be able to donate their time and talents to this special event. Please join us in lifting up Sean’s spirit by donating via Facebook and/or by attending the concert.

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