Our spring show is a timeless masterpiece of love and conflict, it’s Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Romantic and exciting, this classic piece of theatre remains a favorite in hearts and classrooms all over the world. The star-crossed lovers, who set the standard for every romantic moment on stage, will come to life in the spring of 2018! We will fill the stage with Renaissance beauty and swirling sword play!

Directed by Bruce A. Curless


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The Cast

  • Katie Knoblock as Juliet
  • Christian Ryan as Romeo
  • Jim Ludovici as Friar Laurence
  • Jared Calhoun as Mercutio
  • Tommy Foy as Benvolio
  • Denise Buzz as Nurse
  • Scott Partenheimer as Tybalt
  • Casey Williams-Ficarra as Lady Capulet
  • Craig Hutchings as Lord Capulet
  • Iraisa Ann Reilly as Lady Montague
  • John Nicodemo as Lord Montague
  • Rob Hargraves as Prince Escalus
  • Robert Repici as Count Paris
  • Josiah Hutchings as Samson/Peter
  • Emily McHale as Gregory
  • George Hamilton as Balthazar
  • Dominic Ciarrocchi as Abram
  • Faith McCleery as Rosaline
  • Lauren Berman as Page