We are excited to premier an original comedy by Alex Wilkie directed by Bruce Curless this October for one weekend only:

Friday October 5th at 7pm

Saturday October 6th at 7pm

Sunday the 7th at 2pm

Synopsis: It’s the dark days of World War II and the British government has a problem, what to do with their agents trained for espionage but too unreliable or incompetent to go? Answer – tuck them away in a manor house in the Scottish highlands where they can’t hurt themselves or the war effort. In Alex Wilkie’s rollicking farce, Spy House, four of these “broken” spies discover that one of their own may be a Nazi agent bent keeping them permanently out of service. Oh, and one officer is running an illegal gambling scheme, two spies are hiding their affair and three days of rain have cut off the house from the outside world. A hilarious evening ensues as these desperate spies determine who should be trusted and who should be busted.

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The Cast

  • Jack Shaw as Colonel Robert "Bertie" Stewart
  • Susan Dewey as Jessie Wallace
  • Janet Wilkie as Nancy Taylor
  • AJ Krier as Tom Hopp
  • Christopher Perugini as Harry Walters
  • Jen Zellers as Jane Green
  • Joey Quaile as Pierre Lefaire
  • Melissa Connell as Carol Jean Briscoe
  • Hannah Keeley as Yvonne Morris