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Lady Lillian Sappington has decided to turn the
historic Ravenswood Manor into a hunting
lodge, but first she must take care of one
thing—she believes it’s haunted! She invites her
family and eclectic friends to dinner to discuss
some strange occurrences, when suddenly a ghost
appears and utters only one word…“Murder!”
The evening discussion moves from mild
insinuation to heated inquisition and mayhem
as they try to decipher the messages they
continue to receive from the spirit world in The
Ghosts of Ravenswood Manor, a brand new
comedy by Ritz veteran, Kumar Dari!

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The Cast

  • Ginna Higgins as Lady Sappington
  • John Jackowski as Edwin Sappington
  • Craig Hutchings as Andrew Sappington
  • Amanda Lynch Lizzio as Zenobia Sappington
  • Jack Shaw as Lady Blackthorne
  • Andrew B. Kushner as Major Botwright
  • Joe Carlucci as Dr. Karmazin
  • John Hager as Ruggles
  • George Spelvin as Lord Sappington