The Ritz Kidz make their long-awaited return with an epic, highly interactive spin on this timeless Arthurian legend, in which a humble, lonely squire meets the magnificent wizard Merlin and learns that they are destined for greatness!

This one promises to be tons of fun, as children will be called upon to try their luck and pull the legendary sword Excalibur from our specially-built boulder! Who will reign as King or Queen of Camelot and save England from the Dark Ages? Join us and find out!

One Show Only! Wednesday, July 14th @ 10AM!

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The Cast

  • Lila Roccia as Wart
  • Bruce A. Curless as Merlin
  • Robert Repici as The Storyteller, et al.
  • Lindsey Krier as The Lady of the Lake, et al.
  • Zachary Moore as Sir Kay the Courageous, et al.
  • Matthew Weil as King Uther Pendragon