Our Theatre for Young Adults is back in April 2018 with a production of Urinetown the Musical!

Set in the “near” future. The human activity has led to water shortages. People are forced to visit only the public toilets to relieve themselves.  ‘Urine Good Company’ holds control over such institutions and controls the people through intimidation.

This hilarious comedy features over 20 performers in High School and College and will play for one weekend only!
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The Cast

  • Brian Gensel as Bobby Strong
  • Maggie Harbord as Hope Cladwell
  • Nick Hite as Officer Lockstock
  • Cambria Klein as Little Sally
  • Lance Raikes as Caldwell B. Cladwell
  • Megan Woods as Penelope Pennywise
  • Allie Shaw as Little Becky Two Shoes
  • Oliver Farquhar as Hot Blades Harry
  • Josh Rosenzweig as Senator Fipp
  • Jacob Long as Officer Barrel
  • Mac Conoway as Josephine Strong
  • Danielle Houpt as Soupy Sue
  • Rachel Bathurst as Tiny Tom
  • Alexis Chittum as McQueen
  • Lena Dougherty as Robby the Stockfish
  • Emma Kelly as Ensemble
  • Monica Matteo as Ensemble
  • Jill Diering as Ensemble
  • Sadie McKenna as Ensemble
  • Morgan Brown as Ensemble